Colapic is an application of combining multiple photos into eye-catching frames and you can adjust them into different shapes. With Colapic picture frames, world of photos is becoming much more wonderful and interesting. With Colapic, you can be the expert of combining photos. Because it is very easy to use, you won’t need to ask others for help any more.
The latest version of Colapic can share all your photos to Facebook and Twitter directly (for Mountain Lion). It will save much time for you, at the same time, make your photos always look great and different with others.
So try it now!!!

You will love this little nifty app, it’s so simple and practical:

1. Intuitive interactive editing of your layout- support 227 layouts for your collage design
2. This app supports up to 10 photos for one collage
3. Create collage in any custom size
4. A variety of default sizes and aspect ratios
5. You can drag, rotate and scale a single photo to get your desired collage
6. Narrow or magnify photos you set in
7. Customize picture shadow
8. Select background pattern for your collage
9. Select border color for your collage
10. Set the ratio for your collage
11. Add frame to your favorites
12. Store the frame used last time
13. Customize the photo border for your collage
14. Add text to collage as well as to choose the fonts’ format
15. Share your collage directly to Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Messages, your emails or print it out ( Which requires Mountain Lion )
16. Save your completed collage in a file.