U2Any DVD & Video Converter Help

U2Any DVD & Video Converter is a powerful tool which combines the functions of both DVD Ripper and Video Converter. You can not only rip the DVD movies into the videos or audios in any format you want, but also can convert the video files to other video or audio formats.

Step 1: Add files

Inset the DVD, and click the DVD “Add” button in the left bottom to add the DVD if you need to import the video files. You can also drag and drop the video files to the left window of the program or directly click the middle icon in the left window.

Note: You need to add the volume path but not VIDEO_TS path. For example, you should choose “/Volumes/My DVD” rather than “/Volumes/My DVD/VIDEO_TS”.

Step 2: Choose output profile

There’re quite a lot of output formats of video and audio for you to choose in the bottom of the window. For example, you should click the “MP4” if you decide to convert to this format.

For the Video, you can adjust the Video Size, Frame Rate and Bitrates depending on your needs. While for the Audio, the Sample Rate, Audio Channels and Bitrates can be adjusted freely.

Click “setting” on the right bottom of the format’s icon, then the setting window will come up.

Tip 1: You can choose language of subtitles and adjust the profile of the audio track in the DVD.

Tip 2: You can set the file’s appropriate parameters by right clicking on the file.

Tip 3: Preview panel

Have a preview and you can use trim in/out button to set certain segment of the source file. The reset button can help you to go back to the original status.

Tip 4: Preference

You can set the parameters of output files according to your preferences. For example, you can choose not to load titles less than 1 to 10 minutes or just ignore this function with choosing “None”.

You can also set the max threads of your tasks in the same time.

What’s more, you can decide which state of your computer will be in when all the tasks are finished.

Step 3: Convert

Click “Convert” and then a folder choose dialog box will come up. You can select any folder in your local disk to put your output files. And you should never select the DVD as the output path or it will break! Click “Open” to start with the folder which is writable. And the output videos will be in the folder. It’s not a DVD disc volume path, but a local hard disk path.

You can also right click one file and then click “Start” to convert the file and then choose the local hard disk path to put your files.

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